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How to Find a Good Tennis Coach

Posted by Lonnie Mahan on

Tennis is a really technical type of sport and therefore a coach plays an important role in training and preparing a player. But selecting the right tennis instructor can be really complicated. Due to the wide availability of options, selecting the perfect coach is a critical choice for a young player that wants to be serious about learning the game. So, this is tough. This article is here to help, and below we’ve got some tips and advice on choosing a good tennis coach.

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Coaching qualifications

Courses and qualifications – When it comes to choosing a tennis coach, ask the person about the qualifications they have. A good coach can have some equivalent qualifications with different bodies. Ask how long the person has been teaching, what types of results they have brought about with the players they’ve worked with. In case the coach is teaching kids unsupervised, then this person should be registered or licensed.


Years and field of experience – Nothing can replace experience. The experience of teaching can be obtained in different types of settings, which include both year-round outdoor and indoor facilities, along with summer-only outdoor institutions like junior and adult camps, country clubs, and recreation department programs. The experience obtained from a kid’s summer camp is completely different from that of year-round outdoor or indoor facilities. So, the experience and type of training have a direct impact on the quality of the tennis lessons.

The coach’s experience should include teaching a student how to cool down and other ways of preventing injury. One way that is embraced by many tennis players is a method by RP Sports – leg compression machines that dramatically help to shorten the muscle recovery time.

Teaching capability

When talking to a prospective tennis coach always try to obtain a clear understanding of the level of maturity, dedication, professionalism, and ability to communicate effectively and clearly. All these things have a clear impact on the type of coach they will be. One last thing to consider is the personality of that person. Will their personality work well with the one being coached?

Experience and playing standard

Often it becomes tough for the tennis coaches to teach people something, which they don’t know themselves. So, it is necessary to choose someone who has a clear overview of all the techniques that you want to learn to prepare for the competitions.

Know your goals

Be precise about the results that you want. A tennis coach will be your mentor to learn the lessons, but this person is not a supernatural being. Therefore, you have to make your tennis coach understand the type of training that you want to obtain.

In the case of a mature player, then you must not like to re-engineer this game. Rather you may be in search of tactical tips and quick wins. Tell the coach everything so that the person can chalk out a perfect plan regarding what you will have to do on the court. In case you have no idea about what you want to learn about the tennis coaching, then this can make the instructor and the student frustrated.


The expectation of rapid result – As you are paying the coach a certain amount of money every month to take the lessons, you should expect to get good results. Once the decision has been made and a coach has been chosen, if you find it tough to understand their instructions during the lesson or you are progressing slower than you’d like, then this is the time when you should change your option immediately, instead of waiting for a miracle and keeping your fingers crossed.

Sports camps

Sports training camps are a great way to improve your tennis game very quickly. Because it is an intensive learning experience, with multiple lessons and many hours of practice, campers must take good care of themselves and their bodies. Get more information on recovery products for athletes at